About Us

Mission Statement

Niche Polymer LLC is a custom compounder and toll processor for engineering resins. Whether it’s providing additional value for our customer’s industrial waste or formulating niche compounds for end use applications, Niche will be there to ensure that our partners receive ecologically and technologically sound products that can have effective alternate uses.

Our Mission is to constantly engage and find greener solutions with the manufacturers, injection molders, and toll processors to prevent post-consumer waste from reaching landfills. Niche Polymer embraces continuous improvements in technology to improve costs, quality, service, and value while working in tandem with our customers to achieve mutual and continuous success. Niche is a pro-active and constructive member of the community through its contributions to protect the environment.

Niche’s foundation is based on values representing personal honesty, integrity, commitment, as a team by engaging in openness and trust; through empowerment of our employees with respect for diversity & differences. At Niche, we encourage risk-taking with responsibility to develop employees through assumption of ownership to their performance. Our success we believe in the end comes from fulfillment experienced in work and family.