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The Niche Polymers facility was founded in 1984, and has been growing ever since. The state-of-the-art facility is now 400,000 square feet. Comprised of a Warehouse (200,000 square feet) and an Operations facility (200,000 square feet), the facility is capable of handling both small and large projects with ease and reliability.

  • New 50mm Twin Screw Extruder
  • 44:1 L/D
  • 750 RPM
  • PLC Controls
  • Toll Compounding
  • Loss-In-Weight Feeders
  • Downstream Addition of Solids, Fibers, Talc, Mica, Clay, Wollastonite and Calcium Carbonate
  • Downstream Addition of Liquid, Slip Agents, Plasticizers
  • Twin Screw Compounding
  • De-Volatization
  • Strand Pelletizing
  • Underwater Pelletizing
  • Wear Resistant Metallurgy
  • Compounding of Engineering Resins
  • Solvent Extracation
  • Reactive Extrusion